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So the band came about from a chance meeting at a music venue. The music had finished,  the barman was waiting to go home and these 5 guys were sitting at the bar trying to get another beer. One picked  up a guitar and started playing. Within seconds the other 4 came to life and started joining in. Within 20 mins a band had been formed, weeks later here they are!

Now for the truthful version -)

Matt was about to finish a 12 year run with a 60's tribute band The 6Ts and felt like a change of Genre.  70's Glamrock had always been something he loved.  An advert went out, within 2 days Digger (Vocals) and Andy (Drums) had replied to the advert. After a few weeks and some phone calls we found out Dickie (lead Guitar) was just finishing a run with a Bruce Springstein Tribute.  Dickie then made a call to Chris (2nd guitar) and as they say the rest is history.  After some time in the rehearsal room they were soon up and ready.

It was evident from the first note all five of them had the same passion for 70's Glamrock.

Their directive from day 1 was to play all the major hits from the Glam era. No obscure B sides, they want you to be either singing, waving or packing the dance floor.

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